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  Analytics For Startups

08th June 2019 @ Time: 09:30 AM - 01:00 PM


In  a world where businesses are global, employees and markets are diverse, legal and compliance requirements hold significant risks, decision making has become more of a science than art.  At various levels in the organisation, people are realising that taking decisions without data is a gamble. Analytics can help. Measuring something makes you accountable. 

You’re forced to confront inconvenient truths. And you don’t spend your life and your money building something nobody wants.

The workshop is to make a case for the relevance of Analytics in your startups and how you can go about harnessing the power of Analytics for your startup.

In this workshop, you will gain familiarity with basic analytics, and the data-informed mindset and will also review a few cases wherein successful startups have been built.


Naveen Reddy

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